Former intelligence officer thinks NATO and Norway might get involved in Afghanistan again

Kristin Krohn Devold - ISAFPhoto: Bjørn Sigurdsøn / NTB

Parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party in Telemark and former intelligence officer Mahmoud Faramand does not think NATO and Norway are done with the Taliban.

He told the newspaper VG that the United States and NATO might have to engage militarily again in the Taliban-controlled country.

“There may indeed be a need for us to act in one way or another. President Biden made it pretty clear the other day. It will also then involve NATO and thus Norway. We are not done with ISIS,” Faramand told VG.

He was an intelligence officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces from 2003 to 2011. Today, he is the first candidate on the Telemark Conservatives’ list for the parliamentary election.

His main concern is the possibility of another protracted conflict in Afghanistan, which is facing the same problems as Syria.

“The average Afghan has, by and large, had it peaceful for 20 years, and now they experience this… It is, unfortunately, the case that we are not done with ISIS or any of the other Islamist groups,” Faramand told VG.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Former intelligence officer thinks NATO and Norway might get involved in Afghanistan again"

  1. Surrounded by hostiles on all sides? Instant prisoners and hostages in any East/West nuclear superpower showdown?
    The only time Afghanistan was ever actually pacified was for 100 years by the Mongols.
    The Chinese (and Russians, carefully) are moving in and will take care of any terrorists.
    We Americans have had it with our servicepeople being misused in these fraudulent, war crime neocon wars. That was a major reason Trump was elected in 2016 – to bring them home – and Joe Biden respects that mandate is doing that for which, despite all our neocon media flak, Americans will probably re-elect him in 2024 if he can run.

    We and Norway should similarly get OUT of Syria. After Norway’s Parliament threw in with the Syrian war with no debate, a belated Norwegian Defence/Forsvars staff college seminar was held to try to justify it after the fact … which the seminar could not do. I attended, and my white paper submitted there is at

    As to any more of our American servicepeople going back in there, they should be volunteers only.

    In any case, the real perpetrators of 9/11, al Qaeda (in Syria al Nusrah), and ISIS are some of our Mideast “allies” and rogue Western intelligence officials who have yet to be exposed and brought to justice.

  2. By the way, Norway Today might take note that helicopter pilot U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Brian Michael Edwards was today awarded the St. Olavs Medal by Norwegian Chief of Armed Forces General Kristoffersen in Akershus Festning for heroism supporting Norwegian troops in Afghanistan in 2019.

    (Congratulations, WO Edwards.)

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