Four out of ten believe that Facebook does not take privacy seriously

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Facebook admits that they must do more to regain people’s trust. 40% responded in a survey by InFact for Media24 that they believe Facebook does not take privacy seriously.

Of the respondents, 40.6% responded that they have little or very little experience of Facebook taking their privacy seriously. By comparison,
13.4% stated that they to a large or very large degree find that their privacy is well taken care of by the online community.

‘’We have to do more to protect people and their personal information.

We know that we need to do much more to regain people’s trust’’ said Nordic Communications Manager, Peter Münster, of Facebook to Media24.

Münster said that Facebook has initiated several measures to protect users, among other things, the company has cut down on how much data Facebook’s applications have access to. Facebook has also launched the tool “Clear History”, a feature that allows you to see which websites and applications share information with Facebook when you use them.

Despite the fact that few are satisfied with how their privacy is safeguarded, a total of 44.6% responded that it is “unlikely” or “totally unlikely” that they will delete their Facebook profile during 2019. At the same time, 15.8% responded that It is “likely” or “very likely”.

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