Frp in Oslo proposes establishment of integration agency

Kar Johans GateKar Johans Gate in Oslo.Photo. Norway Today Media

Fremskrittsparti (Frp) in Oslo is to establish an integration agency that will follow up on immigrant families more closely, and coordinate different measures toward integration.

“The challenges of gang crime among immigrant youth are growing. We must make a greater effort for children born in Oslo. We must create a policy so that children born in Oslo can speak Norwegian
when they start school,” said Carl I. Hagen to Dagbladet newspaper.

The former Frp leader, along with the party’s first candidate in Oslo, Aina Stenersen, have presented a proposal to the Oslo City Council
for a separate integration agency. They believe the policy that has been conducted has not yielded good enough results.

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New figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) on behalf of Frp’s parliamentary group showed that ethnic Norwegians move from districts in Oslo with many immigrants wrote Dagbladet on Monday. The migration flow for those with a Norwegian background goes two ways: from the districts with high immigration to city-centre neighbourhoods, or out of Oslo.

City councillor Raymond Johansen of Arbeiderpartiet(AP) does not support the proposal from Frp.

“A separate integration agency at the centre of the municipality will pull these resources away from daily life, where integration will take place. Therefore, I do not support the proposal,” said Johansen.

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