FRP – politician proposes using surveillance cameras in kindergartens

Norwegian children.Children playing.Photo Norway Today Media

Parliament representative Laila Reiertsen (Progress Party) proposes using surveillance cameras in kindergartens to prevent abuse.

The proposal was made in an article in Os & Fusa Posten, but has also been reported by Bergens Tidende.
Reiertsen, who is in the Family and Cultural Committee in Stortinget refers to the abuse cases that have been uncovered in kindergartens in Bergen.
– We already have surveillance cameras in place at other places. If you do a good job and have nothing to hide, you should not have any qualms about video surveillance, says Reiertsen said.
She believes such surveillance should only be used as the last resort, where the kindergartens are not transparent enough.
–  You have to consider and assess, in cooperation with parents and kindergarten owners whether surveillance cameras are required to give one hundred percent confidence and trust, says Reiertsen.
Kindergarten Commissioner of Bergen, Paul Hafstad Thorsen (Ap), is opposed to using surveillance cameras in kindergarten, and he points out that video surveillance of or in a nursery is prohibited.
– If this is to be allowed, it should first be debated in the parliament. As a father of toddlers, I would find it unacceptable if my daughter was going to be filmed in the nursery, not least when she’s in the dressing room, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today