FRP is warning of segregation in Oslo

Helge Andre NjåstadOslo. Helge Andre Njåstad.Progress party Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

The progress party (FRP) is warning of an increasingly segregated capital. In Oslo there are four satellite towns where immigrants – mainly from Africa and Asia – account for more than 60 percent of the population.

Eight years ago this was the case for two satellite towns, writes the newspaper Klassekampen.
The figures, which have not been published previously, shows that Haugenstua is the area in Oslo where there are the fewest ethnic Norwegians. Here  71.7 percent of residents are immigrants, and 66.1 percent are from non-Western countries. Rum, Furuset and Fossum in Stovner and the Alna districts also have a non-Western immigrant proportion higher than 60 percent.
FRP has obtained the figures from Oslo’s statistics bank, which also features a forecasts for how Oslo will look ten years hence if this segregation trend continues. Then nine districts will have a non-Western population of between 60 and 76 percent and an immigrant population of between 82 and 86 percent.
The head of the municipal committee in Parliament, Helge André Njåstad (FRP), said the figures show that we are on track to getting a parallel society in Norway.
– The main thing now is to establish an understanding in the political circles that we cannot accept more immigration than we manage to integrate, says Njåstad to Klassekampen.
In the Stovner area, the percentage of inhabitants with non-Western background has increased by 10 percentage points since 2008.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today