Lowest number of fatalities in traffic since 1947

Car accidentCar accident.Photo: Freddie Larsen / NTB scanpix

Figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) state that in 2015, 117 people were killed in a total of 102 accidents on Norwegian roads. This is the lowest number of fatalities in traffic since 1947.

The figures from Statistics Norway show that there were 30 fewer fatalities in traffic in 2015 than in 2014. Of the 117 killed, 87 were men and 30 were women. Drivers were killed more than others, 57 in total, along with 21 motorcyclists.
The number of fatalities are fairly evenly distributed across age groups. 32 people aged 16-24, 30 aged 45-54, 28 aged 25-44, and 24 aged 65 years or older. Three children under 15 years died.
As announced earlier this year, the risk of being killed or seriously injured in a traffic accident in Norway is among the smallest in the world. This had been stated by the Commission in April, which is now being confirmed by statistics from Statistics Norway.
The EU average was 51.5 road deaths people per million inhabitants, which means that the mortality in traffic in Norway is roughly half of what it is in the EU.
Earlier this year, preliminary figures from the NPRA show that 125 people died in traffic, slightly higher than the figures from Statistics Norway, but still a sharp decline from 2014.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today