Frp will halt asylum immigration to Norway

Progress PartyMinster of Finance Siv Jensen (Progress Party leader)Press photo: @Frp

Frp will halt asylum immigration to Norway

Party leader Siv Jensen in Frp says her party will halt asylum immigration to Norway. She made the statement at the party’s summer press conference on Friday.


Jensen listed five measures that she believes will contribute to this. The most important measure they will be in favour of is to create asylum receptions abroad, so that applicants must apply while they are still outside Norway.

– We will make Norway a safer country. Therefore, we are choosing five very concrete measures to ensure the safety of Norwegian people. The first is to stop asylum immigration to Norway and to establish own asylum receptions abroad and to intensify forced deportations, Jensen says.

In addition, the party wants to make today’s temporary border control permanent and strengthen the control of which persons are in Norway. Frp will open for general armament of the police in districts that wish to do so.

Stricter rules for obtaining Norwegian citizenship

The party will also increase the requirement for residence before receiving Norwegian citizenship to ten years and introduce a requirement of swearing allegiance to Norway. Currently the limit is seven years. The last measure she mentioned is increased surveillance to combat radical activities.

– The fact that we have the lowest asylum arrival figures for 20 years tells us that our politics work and that it matters who is in control, says Jensen.

– The stronger we are, the greater is the possibility of a strict immigration policy. Those who are keen on a strict immigration policy must vote for us, she says.


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  1. Mulugeta Desalegn | 23. June 2017 at 12:22 |

    Hi all, Firstly I fully support the idea that Norway establishes a base outside Norway for verifying genuine asylum seekers. Secondly, it is a positive step to make asylum seekers to swear allegiance to the state and make the citizenship request ten years instead of the current ten. Finally I reject the idea that Norway has less asylum seekers in since last year because of the current leadership. The reason is mostly because it has become difficult for asylum seekers to cross the hurdles and border controls in European countries. The role of the ruling parties was minimal in this. Last but not least, Norway must learn from its mistakes of not deporting rejected asylum seekers as soon as it can. An idle person is the most dangerous creature in the world. Not only this, asylum seekers who violate Norwegian rules by visiting their countries (Eritreans in this case) after their claim of torture of by the regime must be striped of their citizenship. UDI must gather info about these people and screen them. Enough with duplicity!

  2. Khatchig | 1. July 2017 at 12:36 |

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