The police in control of gas cylinder fires

acetylene gas cylinderA selection of compressed gas cylinders. Photo: Regis college

Police in Bodø in control of acetylene gas cylinder fire.

The explosion danger is over after sharpshooters from the police in Bodø shot holes in an acetylene gas cylinder that started burning in the centre of Bodø on Thursday morning. The same applies to a gas cylinder in Oslo.

The gas cylinder began to burn during dredging in Sjøgata in the centre of Bodø around noon on Thursday.

The police cordoned off and set a safety distance of 1,000 metres. Several buildings were evacuated as a result of the incident.

“Sharpshooters from the police gained control of the situation after shooting holes in the gas cylinder around 5 pm,” the police tweets.

The danger of explosion remains

The police established the barriers in the centre of Bodø because the acetylene gas cylinder was considered to be unstable.

“We are afraid of splinters from a possible explosion,” Operations Manager of the Nordland Police District, Mari Lillestø, tells NTB.

The police have carried out some questioning at the scene. They are busy establishing the reasons why the gas cylinder started to burn.


Avisa Nordland’s a journalist at the scene states that the street was filled with workers. Furthermore, that everyone was evacuated from the building, where Skanska performs work.

Duty Officer in Salten Fire Department, Ivar Hokstad, tells NRK that the actual gas cylinder has probably been used in construction work on the site

“We assume that this is an acetylene and oxygen cylinder used in connection with work on the construction site,” he speculates.

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A gas cylinder in Bispegata is rendered harmless

The Østfold railroad is reopened after the police shot holes in a burning gas cylinder on a construction site in Bispegata in Oslo.

Operations Manager of the Oslo Police District, Gjermund Stokkli, tells NTB that the gas cylinder contains acetylene.

The train traffic on the Østfold railroad towards Oslo resumed at 6.15 pm, after being halted for a short period.

The burning cylinder was rendered harmless by shooting holes in it.

“The pressure in the cylinder has diminished and the gas burned out. The danger is, therefore, over,” Stokkli informs.

The police were notified of the incident around 5.30 pm. The construction area is associated with the work on the Follo rail link.

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