Glaciers shrink after record heat

Vetle Supphellebreen glaciers glacierFjærland. Vetle Supphellebreen. Photo: Norsk Bremuseum / NTB scanpix

The new decline for Norwegian glaciers after record heat

The new Jostedal glacial area is still shrinking showed the year’s measurement. 2018, which is expected to be the warmest year recorded, has tarnished Norwegian glaciers.


Vetle Supphellebreen Glacier, belonging to Jostedalsbreen, has retreated 6 metres in the past year. This glacier had remained relatively stable since measurements started in 2011 and actually moved forward in recent years. Vetle Supphellebreen retreated 450 meters between 1899 and 1944.

Haugabreen in Jølster has decreased by 16 metres this year.

This Bretunge (foot) glacier has lost 69 metres since 2013 show the measurements made by the Norwegian Bremuseum (the Norwegian Glacier Museum).

“Jostedalsbreen, located in Sogn and Fjordane and with divisions in Oppland, is the largest ice area on the European mainland. NVE published all the items. Here you can see that many Norwegian glaciers have shrunk significantly this year. For example, Engabreen in Nordland lost a total of 140 metres in 2018, and the Nigardsbreen has lost 81 metres,” said Bremuseet.


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