Employees believe that Avinor cuts compromise the security

Flesland Airport Bergen, Theft, car cycling world championshipsFlesland Airport Bergen, Photo: Avinor

Bergen Flesland Airport misses a firefighter at work six times in a month. Pilots and employees at the airport believe it is beyond safety.

– We are concerned about emergency preparedness at Norwegian airports. The reductions that have been going on for a long time may compromise the safety of both air passengers and employees, says Bjørn Tore Mikkelsen in Delta Aviation to Bergens Tidende. The organization represents employees at Norwegian airports.

On Friday night, a plane on its way from Oslo to Bergen chose to land in Haugesund. The reason was limited fire and rescue capacity in Flesland. Evenes and Kjevik have also had similar events this year, BT writes.

To land a Boeing 737 aircraft, there is a requirement for emergency category seven. Flesland has recently had fire and rescue capacity at level five.

The staffing shortage is due to a long-term sick leave, and Delta Aviation and the Pilot Federation are therefore linking the lack of preparedness to the requirement Avinor has that the company must cut NOK 400 million by 2021. It is rejected by the airport management.

– We have category seven by default, so we have to be four at work. Yesterday, illness was the reason we were a minor. Attempts were made to obtain a substitute, says airport director Helge Eidsnes at Bergen Airport. He points out that the extinguishing capacity is not less even if they are in category five.

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