GPS alarm for demented living at home

Alzheimer Dementia, GPS alarmsGPS alarms make it possible for persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease to live at home for longer. Photo:

Solberg promises GPS alarm to demented at home

Prime Minister Erna Solberg promises GPS alarm to older demented persons – living at home. In the municipalities where the Conservatives have the say-so after the upcoming elections, that is.

The Norwegian Prime Minister participates in the opening of the Conservative’s (Høyre) election campaign in Western Norway. She tells VG on the occasion that it is a goal by itself for older demented people to live in their own homes as long as feasible.

There are 77,000 persons diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) in Norway. From 2015 to 2018, the number of demented with a GPS alarm has increased from 65 to 1,141.



GPS to those governed by the Conservatives

“The Conservatives will offer GPS alarms for the elderly with dementia in the municipalities we win the election. This is about increased security and safety for persons suffering from dementia and their relatives alike,” Solberg explains.

“Having the confidence that a mother or father with early-stage dementia can be helped if they get lost, we believe is an important welfare offering,” Prime Minister Solberg concludes.

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