Health service wants video during calls

Emergency Call Centre Møre og Romsdal. videoThe Emergency Call Centre in Møre & Romsdal. Photo: Helse Møre og Romsdal.

Health service wants to test video during emergency calls

Vestre Viken Health Service wants to test the use of video during emergency calls so that the operators at the Emergency Call Centre (AMK) can provide better guidance.

The health service has issued a tender to technology companies. It has furthermore applied for support from Innovation Norway to develop such a solution, according to NRK.

The head of medicine and pre-hospital services at Vestre Viken Health Service, Hans-Christian Platou, tells the national broadcaster that they believe that it can be a huge benefit to see the same as the caller does.

“The operators at the Emergency Call Centre can, for example, provide better guidance if they see that cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed incorrectly,” he exemplifies.

There are, however, challenges related to privacy, confidentiality and technological challenges that must be resolved before such a scheme can be implemented.

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