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Homosexuality demonstration called off in Volda

Gay festival in Oslo 2016Gay festival in Oslo 2016.Photo: Norway Today Media

A flyer calling for a demonstration against homosexuality created major adverse reactions in Sunnmøre, in western Norway this Easter.

Now the sender has confessed to the joke. The flyer, which found its way to about 1,000 mailboxes in the Volda area, were partly due to the editor of the local newspaper in the neighbouring municipality of Ørsta seeking to stir up a counter-demonstration.

A young person has now admitted being involved in the case, and the police have had discussions with them, wrote Sunnmørsposten newspaper.

‘The leaflet does not contain real information. There will be no demonstration, and there is therefore no need for counter-demonstrations’, said Guttorm Hagen, sheriff of Ørsta, and Volda.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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