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Frp invites the tobacco industry to Parliament


Frp arranges a separate hearing for representatives from the tobacco industry about the tobacco strategy in the Parliament’s public health message.

The party believes that the industry itself must have the opportunity to present its input to the public health message that came in April. On May 9, there was a formal hearing at Parliament about the report, but in that occasion the tobacco industry was not invited. The Progress Party has responded to that.

“We wanted to get constructive input from the tobacco industry, but the other parties referred to the WHO Convention, which has obliged Norway not to talk to them. In my opinion, we as parliamentary representatives are not bound by such an agreement. Moreover, a hearing is public and gives full insight and in that way it also fulfills the convention,” says Åshild Bruun-Gundersen (FRP) from Parliament’s Health and Care Committee to Dagbladet.

The alternative hearing will be held on 27 May.

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