Hunt intensifying for asylum seekers who have lied

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

The immigration chief calls for a comprehensive inspection to check whether asylum seekers have cheated their way into Norway.

We know that there have been lies with regards to identity and asylum given on the wrong basis, said UDI chief Frode Forfang to TV2.

We are now intensifying Immigration investigations of those who have lied.

– It is possible to uncover these cases, and we’re going to put more resources into this effort, said Forfang.

More can be deported

UDI has received more resources, giving greater opportunities to check that previous applications actually are factual.

The consequence of fraud may be that more people are deported from Norway.

– This means that there is going to be a part of asylum seeker population being sent back again after having lived many years in Norway.

– There is nothing new here, people could always get revoked residency if they have been granted it on totally false premises. There are even people who have had citizenship withdrawn, says Forfang.


Source: VG / Norway Today