Incest Convicted man taken after six months on the run

Police, shot in larvikPolice.Photo: norway Today Media

A man from Tromso convicted of incest, was arrested on Wednesday after having been at large for six months.

The man, who did not show atonement on April 22 this year, was arrested in Nordland Wednesday, according to NRK news.

In April, he was sent alone by plane when he was moved from Vadso to Bergen prison. When he landed at Gardermoen, he disappeared.

In November last year the then 45 years old man was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment for assaulting his own daughter and her cousin. Attorney Torstein Lindquister asked that he receive custodial sentence.

Several police members have been highly critical of the man who was allowed to travel alone.

Director of Correctional Services, Region North, Jorid Midtlyng, said they have reviewed their procedures after the incident.

That will include more tightening when considering which prisoners have to travel alone.

– In this type of transfers, we must secure more man power.

In addition we will provide more legal expertise to the staff.

We also take over us the general legal sense we must give people. We want people in the community to feel confident that we safeguard the necessary security as far as possible, she said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today