Insulin pumps can be hacked – users beware!

Insulin pumps UNNThe new branch of UNN in Narvik and the Minimed 508. Photo: UNN / Meditronic

Insulin pumps can be hacked – users beware!

Users of the insulin pumps «Minimed 508» and «MiniMed Paradigm» are asked to check their pump. The University Hospital Northern-Norway (UNN) warns of this, according to Avisa Nordland.

The reason is that the supplier of the pump has uncovered a possibility that unauthorized persons, theoretically, may be able to hack it and change its settings, the newspaper writes.

In order for unauthorized persons to be able to change the settings, they must have high technical competence, know the serial number of the pump and be located near it, according to UNN.



No known cases

The company Meditronic, which produces the pump, does, so far, not know that this has happened anywhere in the world.

The security hole has no effect by normal use of the insulin pump, according to the hospital. It still urges you not to disclose the pump’s serial number, or to plug the device into computers other than your own. Users are also requested to be aware of alerts from the pump, deviating from the normal.

The security hole applies to pumps that have been issued by the University Hospital in the past five years.

If you have any questions, please contact Treatment Aids at the University Hospital of Northern Norway, on +47 77 015 980.

For more information, see the letter from the manufacturer, Medtronic. Here you will also find information about which versions of the pump are affected.

Information letter from Medtronic.pdf (Norwegian).

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