Jewelry store robbing in Trondheim

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A goldsmith’s business was robbed on Monday by a man with a gun. The man took with him goods worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Case leader from Trøndelag Police District, Roger Mogstad, tells NRK that the police do not have an overview of the exact worth of the stolen jewelry.

“It has an estimated value of hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he says.

The police were informed about the robbery in Trondheim center at 5:49 pm, Monday.

“A man entered the Gold Gallery and threatened three employees with a gun,” said Trøndelag Police District Head of Operations, Stig Roger Olsen, to NRK Monday evening.

Mogstad says it’s hard to have any theory about what happened after the perpetrator left the goldsmith’s business.

“We do not know if the robber left on foot or if there was a getaway car involved. We are investigating the matter thoroughly.

Trøndelag police district reported on Twitter that the man left the place on foot, but uncertain on which direction. The police are asking witnesses to contact them with any possible information

The runner should be about 180 centimeters high and was wearing a dark blue bubble jacket, hat, scarf, and trousers with a logo on the thigh.

“He was Caucasian and spoke English.”


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