Kebabs and sausages should be equivalent to midnight snack in Oslo


When nightclubs in the capital city close at night, the selection of food is limited. This could change when the city council will propose that small takeaway places can sell kebabs 24 hours a day.

The existing rules cause that a kebab can only be sold until 03:30, while sausages and other kiosk’s and petrol station’s can sell them 24 hours.

According to Aftenposten, Oslo City Council is suggesting that eateries that serve alcohol, should be able to be open 24 hours.

The change in the regulations for opening hours will be discussed in a few weeks and be determined by the City Council, where it seems that the majority are for the proposal.

– It has been unfair. We have allowed some eateries to stay open, while many small places have had to close, said Industry Commissioner Geir Lippestad (Ap).

Another argument for increasing the choice is that the Fire and Rescue Agency would rather have people buy food rather than making it home when drunk.

A counter argument for eateries to be open 24 hours is that it causes people to stay in the city longer at night, which increases the risk of noise and nuisance.

The Police and Nutritional Agency has previously said that the condition has improved in the Torggata area in Oslo after opening time provisions were strictly enforced.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today