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Kripos compares penis pictures with flashing

NCIS Kripos leaked murdersKripos (NCIS) . Photo:


Sending penis pictures, so-called “dickpics”, is, in the eyes of the law, the same as flashing, said Kripos crime unit to a breakfast meeting on the subject of sexual offences.


The comparison came when Kripos, together with the Norwegian Media Authority, and the Children’s Ombudsman, attended a breakfast meeting on sexual offences among young people, wrote Dagbladet newspaper. Police officer, Bjørn-Erik Ludvigsen said youth and adults must learn that the law applies to the internet as well.

“Sending “dickpics” unsolicited is, by law, the same as jumping out of a bush and exposing oneself,” said Ludvigsen. He thinks many people are not aware of this.

“Youth sends naked images to each other, forward them, take care of them, and do things with this material that is objectively punishable.’’

The policeman said that everyone is responsible for teaching children and young people what is not lawful, no matter what one feels is cool or acceptable.

In addition, he pointed out that it is more than the legal issue that comes into play.

“Even if you do not know that something is punishable, it still is, for example, sending a picture of genital organs,” said Ludvigsen.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


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