Kripos Organized Crime Unit (NCIS), stop thousands of sexual abuse searches on the internet everyday

Data trafficData traffic.Photo: Heiko Junge / SCANPIX .

An Internet filter developed by NCIS, stops around 15,000 searches for sexually abusive material every day.

The filter was developed in 2004 to make it harder for individuals trying to get into the most grotesque websites and forums, reported the newspaper, Dagbladet.

It functions as intended

‘The number of searches that are stopped by the filter is very high. We are talking about around 15,000 such searches every day’, said Professor Cato Grønnerød of the University of Oslo.

If you are heading to a page that the filter reacts on, you will see a warning on the screen.

‘With this filter we can stop those who look at these pictures from doing so, as well as stopping those engaged in borderline-legal porn surfing. When they come upon a stop-page, they can take a step back, and decide to return to legal pornography’, said police superintendent Bjorn-Erik Ludvigsen of NCIS in an article on Telenor’s website.

Although NCIS tells us that the ‘stop-page’ appears 15-16000 times daily, they stress that this doesn’t mean that this many people are deliberately seeking out abuse material.

‘Anyone can come across such sites without wanting to. It may be enough just to open spam, or press the wrong link’, said Ludvigsen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today