Kronfågel recall chicken products

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Kronfågel recall chicken products due to Listeria

The large Swedish producer of chicken and other poultry, Kronfågel, who supplies to stores frequented by Norwegians along the border, has found Listeria bacteria in several of their products.


According to Kronfågel, discoveries of Listeria were found in two products from the Valla factory on August 30thieth. The goods produced there on that day are distributed to all the major food chains throughout Sweden, including the so-called border stores.

For safety reasons, the manufacturer chooses to recall all products produced on the site on that day. They recall three types of fried chicken and sliced chicken produced on August 30, with “best before date” of September 27, 2018. The products are labelled Cæsar, BBQ and Classic. All products are sold in 200 grams packages.

Consumers who have purchased the products are urged to return them to the store where they were bought.

Listeria is found in many places in nature, and the risk of finding it in foods is therefore relatively big. Most people contract the bacteria often, without getting sick from it. For people with a reduced immune system, including pregnant women, the elderly and children, listeria can lead to serious illness.

The Norwegian grocery chain Meny last week chose to recall a party Vegan Aioli after the Listeria bacteria was detected in one of their products, while Coop did the same the week before after findings in a ready-cut salad distributed in Rogaland.


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