Labour against Corruption case in Trondheim

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Labour voted against reporting their leader to the police for suspected corruption.

– So serious that it affects the entire city of Trondheim, according to Dagbladet

the Control Committee of the Trondheim City Council yesterday decided make a police report in the Olsø affair, against the votes of his fellow Labour members. This makes turmoil among the opposition. The State Prosecutors are considering an investigation of the matter.

The chairman of the Audit Committee in Trondheim last week recommended that the municipality should report suspicion of corruption against Rune Olsø (42).

During an extraordinary meeting last night the Audit Committee also approved – with three votes against Labours two – to recommend that Olsø should be reported to the police on suspicion of corruption.

While the non-socialist of Trondheim voted to go to the police in the Olsø matter, it was yesterday also clear that Trondheim Labour will not be a part in such actions. This comes despite of the fact that Trondheim’s Mayor Rita Ottervik (Labour) has stated that the type of agreement that the case rests on is “complete filth.”

Sources Dagbladet has talked with sees Olsø as the spider which has pulled the strings in Labour (AP) in the third largest city for years, and thus has a central power role in the city’s inner political life. Olsø also heads the South Trøndelag branch of Labour.

On March 8th of this year it was announced that Rune Olsø, as an employee of the company Staur, has signed a million kroner agreement with a developer to facilitate a major residential development on Kystad in the Byåsen district. Olsø denies any wrongdoing in this case. Rune Olsø has served on the city council in Trondheim for 22 years. He has been on the Municipality Executive Committee, leader of Trondheim Labour and South Trøndelag Labour.

Primary Prosecutor for Trondheim, Bjorn K. Soknes, told Dagbladet that the government will consider a possible review of Olsø autonomously and that a decision will probably come towards the end of next week after reviewing the law.


Source: / Norway Today