At least four wolves born in Norway this year

Wolf faster SheepWolf.Photo:

69 and 73 wolves been counted in Norway and in the border territory so far this winter. At least four wolf are born within Norwegian territory this year, mentioned in the preliminary status report from Rovdata.

– So far in winter 4 wolf puppies are born in all-Norwegian territory of Osdalen, Julussa, Letjenna and Slettå, all in Hedmark county. The last two are within wolf zone, while Osdalen so far this winter only registered outside, says Jonas Kindberg, leader in Rovdata.

In addition several wolves are in Varåa, covering area on both sides of the border between Norway and Sweden.

Six wolves are killed so far this year. After deducting these, it is registered between 63 and 67 wolves in this country in winter, of which between 39 and 41 have Norwegian abode.

– Almost all wolves are concentrated in wolf zone. Of lone wolves who are not precipitated by licensed hunting, is only 1-2 singles so far this winter known outside wolf zone in Norway, says project manager Petter Wabakken at Hedmark University College.

The monitoring of wolves in Scandinavia takes place from October to March. Rovdata emphasizes that it is too early to give any definitive conclusions about the number of wolf puppies and wolves in Norway this season.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today