Lierne Reports Bear Cull

bearA bear was shot and killed in Lierne.Photo: Mogens Totsås / Statens naturoppsyn) / NTB scanpix

Authorities report that Sunday, June 17, a bear was shot and killed in Lierne. The licensed cull was carried out within a fenced municipal area.


Trøndelag’s county governor reports that Norwegian Public Service Authority made attempts to chase the bear away from a Lierne farm, but were finally forced to destroy the animal after it refused to leave the area.

The bear was estimated to weigh about 100 kg. The shooting was carried out after the discovery of six sheep cadavers within a farm’s pastures.

Bear culls are active within 3 sections of Trøndelag county: Meråker, Innre Fosen and Holtålen.

Norway’s bears belong to two different populations; the Norwegian-Finnish- Russian bear population and a Scandinavian bear population.

Norway’s bears are mostly found within a zone along the Swedish, Finnish & Russian borders, but male bears roam widely and may be found anywhere within Norway.

Norway’s bear population is regulated with licensed culling performed mostly to reduce livestock damage upon farms. When culling is authorized, quotas are set to keep viable population numbers.

Authorities may also cull a specific bear to prevent damage to livestock or to domestic reindeer.


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