Lightly dressed 4-year-old boy found alone on the street in Bergen: “He is now in safe hands”

BergenPhoto: Marianne Løvland / NTB

A lightly dressed and cold four-year-old boy was taken in by a police patrol in the middle of Bergen city center just before 2 o’clock on Sunday night.

The boy was found in the middle of Bergen city center, close to Engen.

“We received a message from the patrol at 1:51 AM. He was lightly dressed and cold and was taken into the patrol car. There he got a sweet bun,” operations manager Eivind Hellesund in the Western Police District told NTB.

At 4:30 AM, the police stated that they have confirmed the identity of the child and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“The boy is now in safe hands. The case will be followed up further by the child welfare service,” the operations manager stated.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Lightly dressed 4-year-old boy found alone on the street in Bergen: “He is now in safe hands”"

  1. In 2013, I was walking along the road high in Rælingen to an interview for an apartment, and here was this little girl … 2? … 3? … right out in the middle of the street, alone, near the supermarket and gas/benzin station there. Fortunately, it was Sunday and little or no traffic.

    I started talking to her and she tried to avoid me so I kept getting in front of her, asking where her house and then mamma was. She was irritated by me, 🙂 and then across the street a couple houses down, the front door flings open and a FRANTIC young mother comes out and quickly sees us and comes running and effusively thanks me for stalling her cute little daughter.

    They are QUICK at that age. 🙂 Glad all’s well that ends well in this case in Bergen. 🙂

  2. Another story about an errant toddler:

    Back in Juneau Alaska some 41 or so years ago, I was to babysit our 1.5 year old son while my first wife was off at orchestra practice. I was sitting in the living room watching TV and it was about his bedtime, so I got up to put him to bed and couldn’t find him. ?? Both the front and kitchen back doors were in my view from the living room, so I knew he had to be in the house … so I looked everywhere … and could NOT find him. I even lifted the heavy hatch to the crawl space underneath the house in the walk-in closet off the master bedroom and looked down there and didn’t see him.

    Bears were frequently in our yard, and I started to PANICK – there are few, instinctive fears greater than losing your child – and was actually, irrationally about to call the Alaska State Troopers!, when I remembered that the clothing doors underneath his bed didn’t go all the way back to the wall, and rushed back to look down that, and there he was, sound asleep!

    Then, I had to get him out of there, which was like trying to get a surly little badger out of his burrow. 🙂

    But again, all’s well that ends well, in parenting as all else.


    And then down at Legoland in Denmark, we were at the airport about to return to Norway and my youngest daughter was with me. I got into a brief conversation with some people and then turned to her, and she was GONE.

    Airport. International flights everywhere. Perfect setup for an international kidnapping to … fill in the blank. PANIC! I went up and down that corridor, and she was nowhere to be found. PANIC!!!! I contacted the airport administrator, and he tried to calm me down … and an announcement went out over the loudspeaker.

    A few moments later, word came back she was down the other, far – HOW did she get there so fast? – corridor, and I went RUNNING down there … all the way to its end … but didn’t see her! Then someone back where I had run past called to me and pointed to some little whimpering thing on the hallway floor at his and others’ feet.

    And once again all was well that ended well. 🙂

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