Listhaug believes Norway has become less attractive

Considering Nordic care center in AfghanistanThe Minister of Immigration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug. Photo

According to immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug (Progress) says migrants in Italy and Greece that Norway has been strictly and less attractive and not a country they want to travel.

In May  195 asylum seekers came to Norway, the lowest figure for 19 years for that month. Listhaug believes political signals have helped make Norway less attractive to travel, writes newspaper VG.
– Everything that happens here at home, gets noticed. Many people want to travel to Germany, but noticeably fewer people will travel to Norway. It is important to be clear on austerity, because this is a market driven by smugglers.
Immigration is likely to revise down its forecasts for asylum arrivals powerful when they come with new projections in the middle of the month, but there are also other factors that have major impact on how the situation will evolve. Minister says it is difficult to plan.
No one can predict for sure what might come, as we saw last year. The agreement between Turkey and Greece is working now, but what’s ahead is uncertain. It is also uncertain what happens with traffic across the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy, she explains.