Mahad Mahamud lost appeal to stay

Mahad Abib Mahamud SomaliaMahad Abib Mahamud at the Police Immigration Section in Oslo. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

 Mahad Mahamud lost appeal to stay in Norway

Bioengineer Mahad Mahamud has been rejected by the Borgarting Court of Appeal in his pursuit to retain his Norwegian citizenship and right to stay.


The Court of Appeal concluded, like Oslo District Court, that it was likely that Maahamud wittingly had provided false information about his background, which was essential for his stay and later citizenship.

«Changes, contradictions and credibility deficiencies in the explanations indicated that the reliability of the information was low. The expulsion is not disproportionate, especially considering that the entire stay in Norway is based on incorrect information,», is, among other things, stated in the judgment.

The verdict was unanimous.

From Djibouti

One of the most important issues in the case is whether Mahamud is originally from Somalia or Djibouti. A man who Mahamud has always claimed was just a business relationship in Djibouti, the court believes to be able to prove is, in reality, his brother.

«When it can be determined with great certainty that Mahamud is lying about his brother in Djibouti, it implies that his overall credibility has absolutely crucial deficiencies,» according to the verdict.

When Mahad Mahamud came to Norway in 2000, he stated to be 14 years old and a Somali citizen, but this does the neither the Immigration Commission, Oslo District Court and the Court of Appeal find to be true.

After having been refused asylum, he was initially granted temporary residence and, in 2008, a full Norwegian citizenship. He graduated as a bioengineer and got a job at the Ullevål Hospital in Oslo. In 2013, the Immigration Commission (UNE) received a tip that he had led the Norwegian authorities by their nose.

Went to court

The Police became involved and an investigation was initiated. Three years later, UNE concluded that the then 29-years-old bioengineer is not from Somalia. He, therefore, lost both his Norwegian citizenship and, subsequently his job.

He then went to court to overturn the decision by UNE. The Oslo District Court concluded that Mahamud’s Somali birth certificate was falsified, that he probably was between 18 and 20 years old when he arrived in Norway and that he and his family originate from Djibouti instead.

This verdict is thus confirmed by the Court of Appeal, which has also sentenced Mahamud to pay UNE’s costs of NOK137,810 (€14,400/$16,500).


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