Støre will give elderly love guarantee and technology

Jonas Gahr Støre Labour PartyArbeiderpartiet (Labour Party - Ap) leader, Jonas Gahr Støre.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Støre will give elderly love guarantee and technology

Ap-leader Jonas Gahr Støre promises elderly married couples and cohabitants that they should be able to live together in nursing homes. The plan also includes NOK 1 billion towards welfare technology.


– Older people who have shared a long life should have the right to live together when they get old and have to move to an institution, says Støre.

Monday he launched Labour’s care plan. The plan will enable more elderly people to live at home by, for example, developing and using welfare technology. In addition, the party will conduct a quality reform and commit to activities.

Among other things, a subsidy scheme will be established for projects that provide more full and permanent positions in the care for the elderly.

Ap promises to spend 250 million kroner annually in the next parliamentary term to develop new technology. Støre makes it by the way, clear that the funding will be financed through the strengthened of the economy municipalities and points out that the municipalities will receive NOK 2-3 billion more to spend the next year with Labour in power.

Four lost years

He argues that elderly care shows the way in which he believes the election will stake out the future of the care for the elderly.

– Here we see the theme of welfare versus tax cuts clearly. What I’m going to propose is undoubtedly going to have a cost, he says.

Støre calls the Conservatives-Frp Government’s period as four lost years for care of the elderly.

– What has influenced the policy of this Government is a lot of talk about new rights, which has not meant any difference in everyday care, he says.


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