Man who smuggled nearly 400 kilograms of gold into Norway imprisoned

prisonPrison.Photo. Norway Today Media

A 53 year old man was sentenced to two and a half years in prison,and must return 21 kg of gold after smuggling nearly 400 kilos of gold to Norway.


Two carpenters,a painter,a car mechanic,a barrister,and a pensioner have Been involved in large-scale smuggling of gold bars to Norway according to a recent verdict from Oslo court wrote Dagens Næringsliv newspaper (DN).

The 53 year old Norwegian carpenter lives in Sweden according to the District Court judges,and was the central organiser in the case.According to the judgment of the court, he said that a total of around 397 kg of gold was taken into Norway without payment of import VAT, totaling NOK 28 million.

In addition to the imprisonment, 21 kilos of gold were seized by the police.The kilo price of 24 karat gold is today about 370,000 kroner, so the total value is 7.7 million.The man was also deprived of the right to pursue self-employment for an indefinite period.

His defence lawyer,Arnt Lauritz Kvitberg Angell,has not yet talked with his client.

“My comment is that I think he will appeal” he told DN.

The charges covered by the verdict occurred between June 2011 and May 2012.According to the judgment, there were 62 deliveries of gold with almost as many border crossings.

A 56 year old Swedish citizen was sentenced to two years in prison.Four others convicted were sentenced to between five and twelve months imprisonment.


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