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Marijuana legalized in California

Well adult couples grown marijuana in the basementGrowing marijuana. Photo


Marijuana legalized in California

The inhabitants of California started the new year with a legalization of marijuana. It has already been legal for medical use in the sunny state since 1996.


California thus joins a number of other American states that have legalized marijuana. So far, 90 companies have been granted a license to sell cannabis over the counter.

Marijuana is legalized for adults 21 years or older, each of which is allowed to possess up to six plants and 28 grams. Despite legalization, several cities, including Fresno, Bakersfield and Riverside, have upheld a ban on the sale of cannabis.

Since 1996 marijuana has been for legal for medical purposes in California, as one of 29 states so far. The states of Colorado and Washington were first out in the United States to legalize the open sale of the drug, after majority votes in referendums in 2012.

Several countries in Europe has also legalized the use and sales of minor quantities.

Norway has a ban on possession, sales and growing of the plant, but the Parliament has decided to no longer punish drug abusers. When this will be implemented is however unclear, as the Government is in no hurry to transfer the responsibility from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Health.


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