Mass graves for mink in Denmark may have already polluted the groundwater

Mink gravePhoto: Morten Stricker / Ritzau Scanpix via AP

Fluids from millions of buried mink may have polluted the groundwater in two places in Jutland in Denmark.

The information was revealed in a research report commissioned by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. 

The report was made by the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (Geus) and the Danish Technological Institute, according to Radio4.

The researchers believe the risk of pollution is imminent. 

“The upper groundwater may have already been polluted,” state geologist and department head Geus Claus Kjøller told Radio4. He is one of the researchers behind the report.

“Deeply worrying”

Kjøller says that they must make concrete measurements at and under the mink graves before it can be established with certainty that pollutants have seeped into the groundwater. 

The report urges the authorities to start such measurements immediately.

The report was met with anger in the industry organization for Denmark’s water supplies, Danske Vandværker.

“It is deeply worrying, and it confirms that there was a good reason for the questions we asked,” leader of Danske Vandværker Susan Münster told Radio4.

The discovery of a mutated variant of the coronavirus in the animals led the Danish government to kill millions of mink. 

The reason was the fear that it would spread among humans and make corona vaccines less effective.

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