May 17th weather: Nice in the south, cold in the north

May 17th weather: Nice in the south, cold in the northMay 17th weather: Nice in the south, cold in the north.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

The sun will shine over southern Norway on the national day, with a fine temperature for bunads. In the north, however, both warm clothes and umbrellas are recommended.

Last year, Northern Norway had good 17th of May weather. This year, however, northerners can count on temperatures down to 0 degrees, sleet the size of pebbles, winds, and heavy rainfall – all of which could make the 17th of May celebrations a dour occasion.
“While it is a poor consolation, is that it may also shy to the south into the evening, said duty meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan at the Meteorological Institute ..

Sleet and snow
Cool sea air mixed with precipitation is coming in across North Norway from Monday on, contributing to the miserable 17th May weather.
“The precipitation will come mostly in the form of rain, but in some places there may be both sleet and snow,” says Granan.
An alert has been issued for difficult driving conditions in Nordland and Troms.
But in Eastern Finnmark, things may not be so bad, said the meteorologist.
“They receive little rainfall compared to the rest of Northern Norway,” he said.
Also, in Svalbard, people can expect a useable May 17 with no precipitation and only a few degrees above zero.
But in More og Romsdal and Trøndelag, there will be rain and snow showers throughout the evening. Despite a possible ray of sunshine, things will remain relatively cool in Trondheim, and in addition there may be a rain shower or two.

Good bunad weather
South of Dovre will be mostly dry weather, especially Østafjells.
“We are expecting up to 16 to 17 degrees in some parts of eastern Norway. It is not very hot, but good bunad weather,” says Granan.
Nor is rain expected down south. However, there may be an occasional drop in Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane.
Thus, it appears that there are eastern and Oslo who gets the best 17th May weather this year. Deserved, it has been suggested, as the capital experienced an unusually nasty and cold National Day last year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today