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Merete Hodne petitioned «nazi» acquittal to the Court of Appeals

Merete HodneMerete Hodne.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

Bryne hairdresser, Merete Hodne, appeals the acquittal of the satire group Løgnaslaget for naming her a “nazifrisør” to the court of law, as stated by her to Nettavisen.


Hodne requires up to 200,000 kroners in damages from each of the members of the Revue Group, who called her “Nazi Hairdresser” in the song of “A Touchy Hair Dresser from Bryne”. The presentation at “Løgnasangelangel” was seen by 25,000 people.
Stavanger District Court, however, believed that the phrase “nazifrisør” should not be regarded as an accusation that “Hodne is Nazi or has Nazi sympathies or attitudes.”
Hodne’s lawyer, Per Danielsen, thinks the decision is contrary to the conclusion that the same court came upon during an injuncion in March last year. Therefore, he says, the Court of Appeals must clean their act up.
“Stavanger District Court has issued two court decisions with opposite content. It should not happen, it shows clear mistakes, and is sensational,” writes Per Danielsen in an email to Nettavisen.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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