NRK bans Michael Jackson for two weeks

Michael Jackson on the set of the “Bad” short film with New York City police officers in 1987. Photo:

NRK won’t air music by Michael Jackson for the time being

After the late pop star has been accused of sexual assault in an HBO documentary, NRK has decided not to air the music by Michael Jackson for the time being.

The decision of NRK comes as a reaction to the documentary film «Leaving Neverland». The HBO documentary revolves around Michael Jackson. In it, he is accused of having grossly violated two boys when they were seven and ten years old, respectively.

The documentary was aired in the US on March 3rd and 4th. NRK has decided that the documentary will be aired on Sunday 10th March. British BBC Radio 2 has decided to remove the music of Michael Jackson music from their playlists, as well.

According to NRK, the Playlists on the radio channels P1, P13 and P1+ are directly affected. NRK has no plans to air music by Jackson on TV in the next few weeks.

Breach of contract regarding Michael Jackson

The HBO documentary has been attempted stopped several times by the late pop star’s family. Filmmaker Dan Reed, Channel 4 and HBO are accused of not allowing the family to let their voices be heard. Those protests have not been heeded.

In a lawsuit that has been filed, it is stated that HBO breaks a contract from 1992, where the TV channel was granted the right to air one of the concerts of Michael Jackson. The contract states that HBO may air «Michael Jackson in Concert in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour». It further states that HBO shall refrain from negative comments regarding the pop icon in the future.

“It is difficult to imagine a more direct violation of the non-derogatory clause,” the lawsuit states. The lawsuit hints at a claim of USD 100 million in damages.

Wants to show concern

Music Director of NRK, Knut Henrik Ytre-Arne, says that there are several reasons why NRK has made the decision to stop the airing of the music by Jackson for two weeks.

“NRK has done this to show consideration for the feelings of people,” Ytre-Arne claims.

“Michael Jackson has had a tremendous popular culture influence and is an important artist for a large audience. It is difficult to say now whether NRK will stop air his music for eternity. We must look at how the audience responds to the content of the documentary,” he continues.

“Program hosts who want to air the music of Michael Jackson, who explains why they do so, are at liberty to air it,” the Music Director of NRK concludes.

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