A minority of Norwegians want fewer refugees

RefugeesRefugees.Photo: pixabay.com

A majority of Norwegians believe Norway should receive as many or more refugees as today. At the same time, 34% support asylum centres outside Europe, according to a new survey.


In the survey, conducted by Sentio on behalf of Klassekampen newspaper, 44% said that Norway should receive as many refugees as today.

29% believed more must be received, while 23% believe Norway must take fewer. 4% answered “do not know”.

“This shows that there is a positive attitude to accepting refugees in the population,” said senior adviser, Pål Nesse, of ‘Refugee Aid’ to the newspaper.

The survey also took into account the views of the people on the recent debate on the asylum system and whether asylum seekers should seek asylum on the border with Norway. 42% of respondents said ‘yes’, while 34% supported the establishment of asylum centres outside of Europe. 24% answered “do not know”.

Nesse believes that when so many people say they do not know it shows that people are uncertain about the asylum system and that politicians have created greater uncertainty than the situation would indicate.

“Many are left with the impression that it is out of control. Reality is another thing.

So far this year, only 50,000 asylum seekers and migrants have come to Europe, something one would think it was going to be able to handle,’’ said Nesse.


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