More bears in Norway



After many years of decline, last year, 10% more bears were registered in Norway compared to the previous year.

The greatest increase is in the number of female bears.

Last year, a total of 138 different brown bears were registered in the country in the tenth national collection of bear samples. There were 63 female bears and 75 male bears showed a report from NIBIO Svanhovd and Rovdata.

This gives an increase of 13 individuals since 2017.

‘’While the proportion of male bears has steadily declined since the start of the nationwide surveillance in 2009, we see that the proportion of female bears has increased steadily during the same period, and it is now approaching an equal gender distribution. The increase in the number
of registered female bears has occurred in the border areas with our neighbouring countries. Female bears are important for reproduction and growth in the stock over time’’ explained Jonas Kindberg, head of Rovdata.

The Norwegian bear population is concentrated in the border areas with Sweden, Finland, and Russia, and most bears were detected in Finnmark (49), Hedmark (44), and Trøndelag (32).

The calculations from Rovdata show that eight bear litters were born in the country in 2018. It is below the national target of 13 annual additions. However, it is one litter more than in 2017.

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