Trump’s NATO demands are heard

Trump NATO uniformDonald Trump salutes the troops. Photo: AFP/Scanpix

Stoltenberg: Trump’s NATO demands are heeded

Donald Trump’s clear message that NATO countries must strengthen their defence budgets has an effect, Secretary-General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, tells Fox News.


“President Trump has been very clear. He is committed to NATO. He said so just a few days ago. He also said so at the meeting in July. At the same time, he emphasises that the Allies have to invest more [on defence]. We, therefore, agreed at the summit to do escalate spending. We now see the result thereof,” Stoltenberg points out in an interview with the American President’s favourite TV Channel.

Stoltenberg highlights that Europe and the United States are doing more together now than ever before.

“It’s a clear message to Russia, and I believe that they are aware of that,” Stoltenberg continues.

Trump comments

«Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, just stated that because of me NATO has been able to raise far more money than ever before from its members after many years of decline. It’s called burden sharing. Also, more united. Dems & Fake News like to portray the opposite!» Trump tweets.

Trump has previously also hinted that he can pull the US out of NATO. He complains that the other member states are spending too little on defence, thus forcing the United States to bear too much of the burden.

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