Nearly 40 percent fear of sending their children back to daycare and school

Kindergarten day care children kidHappy children playing outside while in day care. Photo NTM

In a few weeks, daycares and small schools will reopen. Nearly 40 percent of parents think it is unsafe to send children back, a study shows.

The study was conducted by Kantar on behalf of TV 2.

On Tuesday this week, the government announced that the country’s daycare centers will reopen on April 20, while schools will open from April 27 for 1-4. class and SFO.

In the Kantar survey, 38 percent responded that they did not think it was safe to send the children back again.

The government decided on March 12 to shut down the country’s schools and kindergartens to prevent further Coronavirus infection.

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2 Comments on "Nearly 40 percent fear of sending their children back to daycare and school"

  1. Will the staff be wearing (even homemade) facemasks and gloves? Will the kids be wearing them?

    Schoolkids are little germ bombs anyway. Time after time, we parents get infections from our kids who have picked the infections up at school. “Herd immunity” indeed. :-/ 🙂

    But *this* disease is FAR more deadly, and although testing helps, it is ultimately only after the fact. Facemasks are *vital* for genuine PREVENTION, and now even the U.S. and the WHO guy are admitting they should be worn.

    The Conservative British government still opposes the general public wearing facemasks to decisively reduce coronavirus’s spread, and Britain has the most/worst cases in Europe.

    WHEN will Norway’s government WAKE UP? It is going to take TIME to make the needed homemade masks.

  2. deeply concerned for the children…WHO warns about .RESURGENCE !…Norway has not reached the peak yet..its madness to send the kids back to school now..the problem isnt over !
    Nothing has’ the corona virus..
    Keep them home–whats wrong with home schooling– for now ? first…. economics last !
    We now know that kids are vulnerable to Co Vid..they are the future..protect them.
    I am disgusted.

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