New hospital in Brakerøya

Bent HøieMinister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie, becomes County Governor in Rogaland. Photo

Health Minister Bent Høie said yes to the construction of a new hospital at Brakerøya in Drammen.

At nine o’clock on Tuesday, the Minister of Health came to the same conclusion as health authority Vestre Viken and regional health authority Health Southeast, namely that the new hospital should be located on Brakerøya.

“This is a decision that both the employees and management of Vestre, Viken Health, and Southeast have recommended, and which I think is a good and forward-looking solution,” said Høie to NRK news.

“It’s a good solution both for the new hospital, Drammen Municipality, and communications to and from the hospital,” he continued.
Now, Vestre Viken moves on to the planning phase, where Health Southeast will have the responsibility.
But the plans go beyond expenditure of 8.2 billion, which is the budget set by the Minister of Health. Health Southeast have thus demanded a cost reduction of 600 million.

“We will now use the fruits of downsizing of the project and future work to design the new building,” says CEO of Vestre Viken, Nils Fredrik Wisløff.
If everything goes according to plan, they aim to start the concrete planning for New Year, according to Wisløff.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today