New survey: The unemployed and the disabled are the least satisfied with life in Norway

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Norwegians who are unemployed and disabled experience the worst quality of life, while retirees and employed people are most satisfied with life, according to new data.

Norwegians who earn the most are also most satisfied with life.

For the first time, a national quality of life survey has been conducted.

In the survey, Norwegians were asked to answer how they were doing.

Statistics Norway (SSB) examined the following groups: the employed, students, pensioners, disabled, and unemployed.

Varying quality of life

“An important finding in the report is that people’s quality of life varies according to their life situation. 

“People who are unemployed or disabled, and people with health challenges, are examples of groups that are overrepresented among those who answer that they are less satisfied with life,” co-author and senior adviser Elisabeth Rønning at SSB noted.

A total of 26% of the population state that they have high satisfaction with life, while 22% answered that they aren’t very satisfied.

Those who score the lowest and are least happy with many things in life are the unemployed, those with low incomes, people with disabilities or mental illness, and those with a non-heterosexual identity.

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