Liberals want night-open daycare in Bergen

City Councullor of Bergen, Erlend Horn (Liberals).City Councullor of Bergen, Erlend Horn (Liberals). Photo: Erlend Horn / Facebook

The Liberals wants night-open daycare in Bergen

The Liberals are in favour of looking into the need for evening and night-open daycare in Bergen.

If this is something which several parents wish for, the party will provide such an offer, Bergens Tidende writes.

“We think the need is there. Many parents work at times other than regular daytime. It is, therefore, important that the municipality has an offer that is adapted to their everyday life,” City Council for Social Affairs, Housing and Inclusion of Bergen, Erlend Horn (Liberals), promises. Horn is, by the way, in his last week of paternity leave.

The party will initially promote an offer near large workplaces, such as Haukeland University Hospital and the hospitality industry in Bergen City Centre.


The Social Services Councillor believes that it is unproblematic for children to have an offer of daycare in the evening and through the night.

“Many have opinions about what is best for the child. At the end of the day, it is up to the parents to decide for themselves. If a child is doing well in kindergarten, it could be as good to be there in the evening as during daytime. It is, after all, not a question of increasing the total time there,” Horn emphasizes.

Today, only four kindergartens in Norway are open after 5 pm. Of these, one of them closes at 8. In Sweden, both evening and night-open kindergartens are commonplace. More than half of Swedish municipalities offer overnight accommodation for the youngest children.

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