The Nikab ban will only apply for educational situations


Nikab ban is only apply to while in educational situation

The Norwegian Government has decided that their original suggestion in banning face covering garments in all educational institutions be changed to them being removed during lecturing or while under instruction. 


– Originally, the Government suggested that the ban should apply in all educational institution areas and during working hours. Since the new governing platform and a hearing took place, a decision to change the proposal was made, now the ban will only be enforced during lecturing or while under instruction, that the face covering scarves be removed, as explained in a press release.

Exceptions are made for kindergartens and day care facilities where employees will not be allowed to wear face covering garments during work hours.

The bill was presented by the Minister of Education and Knowledge, Jan Tore Sanner (H), Minister for Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø (V) and Minister of  Finance,  Siv Jensen (Frp), Friday afternoon.

The ban will apply to students, teachers, employees and all who work or involved at educational facilities and institutions in both private and public sectors. The ban is also in effect for all school based instruction, studies and tutor programs outside educational facilities and during holiday breaks.

– Pupils, students and teachers must be able to see each other’s faces. This also supports the majority of consultation statements, and we believe we have found a good balance between their consideration and the ability to provide a good learning environment in everyone’s individual freedoms.

“Particularly at universities and colleges, where more mature individuals must be able to make independent assessments about covering outside the classroom and lecture halls,” says Iselin Nybø (V) Minister of Research and Higher Education.


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