Trøndelag Labour will not promise to heed Støre

Ingvild Kjerkol, Arbeiderpartiet Trøndelag LabourIngvild Kjerkol, Arbeiderpartiet (Labour), Trøndelag

Trøndelag Labour will not promise to follow Støre’s Giske request

The leader in Trøndelag Labour (Ap) will not promise that they will follow the call from party leader Jonas Gahr Støre to disregard Trond Giske as a candidate for the County Council for Labour in the merged County.


On Wednesday, the Labour leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, told VG that he still thinks it should take some time before anyone regains positions of trust in the party after breaking internal guidelines.

– I am confident that the election committee in Trøndelag Labour Party makes a sound assessment when proposing members for the Party’s County board, writes in Støre in an email to the newspaper.

Trondheim Labour has proposed Trond Giske as a candidate for the board of Trøndelag Ap. The goal is to get him into the role of deputy chairman of Trøndelag Labour and thus secure him a seat in the Country Council, where each County group has two seats.

The chairman of the election committee, Ingvild Kjerkol, will not follow the advice of Støre without discussion. She says to VG that the nomination committee is working seperately and independently to put together a board that the members can trust.

– Jonas says the same thing that he said when the case against Giske was closed and that he trusts us to make wise assessments. This is what we will do with the further work on the nomination, says Kjerkol, who is supported by County Chairman Tore O. Sandvik in her assessment.

– I think the chairwoman of the nomination committee speaks wisely, writes Sandvik in a text message to VG.

The County group will elect the board at the annual meeting in early April.

Giske resigned in January from the post as deputy leader of Labour after several notifications of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. He also lost his place in the party’s Central Committee.

North and South Trøndelag was merged as of January, 1, 2018.


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