NOK 20,000 fine to a Coronavirus infected person who went to a party

PoliceIllustration.Police.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Western Police District has given a fine of NOK 20,000 to a person infected with the Coronavirus who has broken the home quarantine and gone to a party.

– The person is confirmed to be infected with Covid-19, and the fine was given after he broke quarantine and went to a party night to Sunday. Police have investigated the case this weekend and questioned several people, the police district writes in a press release.

They will not disclose the gender and age of the person, or where in the police district it happened.

– “The person has been informed of the fine on Monday. If the fine is not paid, the person is in danger of going to prison for 40 days. We hope people understand the seriousness of the situation the country is in and adhere to current laws, rules and guidelines,” says prosecutor Gunnar Fløystad in the Western Police District.

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  1. If he has given it to anyone else, they should have the right to sue him.

    If they die, their family should have that right, and he should be charged with murder/manslaughter.

    Unbelievable that anyone would be so selfish.

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