Norway sends crisis team to Moria refugee camp in Greece

Kjell Inge RopstadMinister of Children and Families Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (Christian Democratic Party).Photo: Kommunal rapport/Jan Inge Krossli

The Norwegian government has decided to send a medical crisis team to Greece to assist with the aftermath of the fires in the Moira refugee camp on Lesvos.

“Norway will send a medical team to Greece early next week, in order to provide support after the terrible fire in the Moria camp,” Minister for Children and Families and KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad told news bureau NTB.

Greece is one of the countries that was hit the hardest by the refugee crisis. Our offer to send over a medical team was very well received, Ropstad said.

On Wednesday, the government decided Norway would take in 50 asylum seekers from the Moria refugee camp in Greece.

The medical personnel going to Moria have been mobilized from the same resource base used when Norway dispatched crisis aid to Northern Italy this spring and to Samoa during the measles outbreak in December 2019.

The decision was made after a specific request for help from the Greek health authorities.

Additionally, Norway is also ready to send over clothing, tents, wool blankets, and beds to Greece if the need arises. 

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