Norway tops list of European countries who enforce repatriation of Afghanis

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According to the half-yearly report from the Norwegian embassy in Kabul, Norway is the European country  that enforces the most people to return to Afghanistan.


The report, which Adresseavisen newspaper has gained access to, described Afghanistan as a country in crisis, where the risks of being a victim of war, and conflict, are great.


‘Never have so many civilians been injured. 11,418 civilians were reported killed and injured  in 2016, a record high’ said the report.


Nevertheless, Norway continues the forced repatriation of individuals into the maelstrom of violence and death.


‘This is partly because parliament decided that we will no longer assess fairness, or refer to internal flight,’ Area Leader,Line Schei Mogenstad, of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), told the newspaper.


‘Internal Flight’ means that asylum isn’t required if effective protection is available in other areas of the country of origin.


In April this year, UDI changed its security assessments for Afghanistan, and now only defines two of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces as ‘generally unsafe’.


According to Adresseavisen, the embassy report states that the security situation is difficult in many of Afghanistan’s provinces.


Figures from the Police Immigration Unit show that Norway has forced repatriation for 576 Afghanis since January 2016. 31% of them were 18 or 19 years old, while 10% were under 18 years.



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  1. Yes Norway has this proud which sent Afghans to their countries. The united nation and war newspaper accepted Afghanistan as a second unsafe country of the world. But Norway considers only two provinces unsafe. It means Norway is more correct.

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