Norway’s new Sanctions Act entered into force today

Ine Eriksen SøreidePhoto: Berit Roald / NTB

The new Sanctions Act, which means that Norway can quickly support EU sanctions, came into force on Friday.

The law was passed by the Norwegian parliament (Storting) last week and entered into force on Friday.

“With the new sanctions law, we can now quickly and efficiently implement the EU’s restrictive measures that Norway supports, in Norwegian law,” Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) said.

This applies, among other things, to the EU’s new sanctions regime against serious human rights violations. At the same time, the law will strengthen the legal security of people who are the targets of the sanctions, Søreide said.

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2 Comments on "Norway’s new Sanctions Act entered into force today"

  1. With this, Norway’s Parliament is lashing us and our loved ones to the mainmast of the Titanic.

    Especially as the custodian of the Nobel Peace Prize and now an elected member of the Security Council, Norway has the special obligation to exercise independent, objective, and fair moral judgment to the betterment of international justice and peace. However, the European Union has been too often destructive of those, and Norway has now forfeited its own integrity to the EU.

    For example, as a UNSC member, Norway could support China’s and Russia’s demand for a fair UNSC session to objectively *compare* the West vs. East human rights records … which would show how evil *we* have been, but you can be sure the EU opposes that.

    As to the EU’s “human rights record,” has it sanctioned Israel for its ethnic cleansing of Christian and Muslim Palestinians? No.

    Has it condemned our Iraq war – a holocaust begun with the even-then obviously (since we were chasing out Hans Blix and other inspectors before they could verify the contrary) fraudulent claim that Iraq was a WMD threat?

    Has the EU condemned our wrongfully instigating the Libya and Syria civil wars – the British SAS and MI6 infiltration team agents apprehended by Libya militia farmers! in early 2011, for example – which as expected after Iraq have also become holocausts?

    The EU even blamed Assad’s Syria for the al Nusrah/Qaeda false flag August 2013 sarin gas Ghouta Massacre of over 1,000 *pro-Assad* Alawite men, women, and children who were al Nusrah captives. (See American Pulitzer-Prize-winning – My Lai Massacre – Seymour Hersh’s London Review of Books article, “The Red Line and the Rat Line” exposing that Western lie.)

    And the EU certainly hasn’t admitted let alone condemned the 2014 Maidan coup – no mere revolution for at least 4 obvious reasons – which got Ukraine into the EU and threatens Russia with an “interventionist”/regime-change NATO all way up to Shostka and Kharkov at the Russians’ throats … which the Russians cannot tolerate and will have to take ALL Ukraine to prevent … unless we instead offer them a fair and comprehensive peace and security treaty to replace Budapest which we broke with our coup – and that only begins with them keeping the Crimea, since we broke Budapest, and the East Ukrainians getting an OSCE-supervised referendum for their future back with Ukraine or with Russia.

    The EU even supported wrongfully sanctioning Russia for the 2018 Salisbury “Russian novichok,” even though the door handle sample was not and this was – for 9 obvious reasons and counting – an almost laughably clumsy British intelligence false flag caper to get other countries diplomatically on-side for the following Douma White Helmets “chemical attack” false flag op, to get Syria bombed again and try to keep the West’s regime-change there going.

    And now we have Joe Biden making it personal calling Putin a “soulless killer,” while he himself supported our Iraq, Libya, and Syria holocausts which have murdered over a million innocent men, women, and children, have permanently physically and/or psychologically maimed millions more, and have inundated Europe with refugees. The fact that Joe prays a lot only makes him a “soulful mass murderer” by comparison.

    Then we have Blinken and Sullivan, also up to their ears in blood for promoting Libya and Syria, trying to condemn the Chinese for taking their own Draconian/dragon but far less murderous steps to suppress Uighur Islamic terrorism.

    RAND Corp. has warned Congress that both the Russians and Chinese are now each as powerful as we are, and our neocon “liberal interventionist” policies have made them strategic military allies, as we first saw in their joint naval shore bombardment exercises off Estonia in 2017. The East – and that’s not just Russia and China – are not going to take this anymore, and we in our unjustified self-righteousness are pitting ourselves into a suicidal 1:2 odds nuclear superpower war, unless *we* back off.

    But now Norway’s Parliament has tied us to the EU and that fate.

    If it is going to put us and our loved ones in such extreme danger, the very least Norway’s Parliament can do is an emergency restoration of Norway’s sivillforsvars/civil defenses. There should be adequate fallout shelter space with supplies of all kinds for at least 3 months, and Norwegian … rather than some other … law enforcement ready to control the shelters.

    Instead, at last report – NRK De Glemte Rommene December 2018 – there is fallout shelter space for only half of Norway’s population and they are in criminally neglected condition.

    See shut-out Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s distraught “Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about potential war with Russia” interview on YouTube. She was a U.S. Army Hawaii National Guard officer in a medical unit and knows what kind of holocaust Biden … boosted on by groups like the EU … has us headed into.

    If/when this tragedy/holocaust of our own creation strikes, those responsible will be held fully accountable afterwards by the survivors.

  2. About Douma, I should have added that OPCW field inspectors like Ian Henderson have bitterly charged director Fernando Arias with falsifying the final report under Western pressure, to make it look like Assad’s Syria did make a chemical attack.

    On Thursday in European Parliament’s Subcommittee of Security and Defence Irish MEP Mick Wallace took Arias to task over this and then had his microphone cut off by chairperson Nathalie Loiseau, who claimed it was Wallace who was spreading “fake news,” not the compromised Arias!

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