Norway’s Progress Party wants to medically castrate child molesters

Sylvi ListhaugPhoto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

According to newspaper VG, the Progres Party’s (FRP) program committee will present its draft program on Tuesday.

Among other program proposals, the party also wants those who have committed serious sexual abuse of children to be sentenced to medical castration. 

The program committee also wants to make it possible to deprive abusers of the right to a passport to prevent them from traveling abroad to exploit children. 

In addition, it wants parents who have been convicted of abusing their own children to lose the right to care and visitation immediately.

Tax cuts

The Progress Party’s program committee also believes that tax cuts must be given higher priority than tax relief in the next period.

The committee chair Sylvi Listhaug wants cuts to amount to billions of kroner.

“If you want to come down to the Swedish level, which should be a goal during the next parliamentary term, then it is a question of billions,” Listhaug told news bureau NTB.

The draft program also states that the taxes on goods exposed to cross-border trade effects must “harmonize with the level in our neighboring countries.”

The program committee is also in favor of significant cuts to the fuel tax and the re-registration tax for cars.

“What is important for us to say now is that we want to prioritize tax reductions,” Listhaug said.

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