Norwegian arrested for contract murder

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Norwegian citizen arrested for contract murder of his wife

A 60-year-old man living in Oslo has been charged with complicity in a contract murder in Pakistan by ordering the killing of his wife, as well as being involved in attempted murder of two others persons.


The man was arrested at his apartment in Oslo on Tuesday, Oslo Police District announced at a press conference on Thursday.

The murder occurred in a suburb of Lahore, Pakistan on May 31st, 2017. A person was arrested and admitted to the crime.

– He said he had been instructed by the Norwegian husband of the murder victim, says Head of the Section for Serious Crimes, Anne Alræk Solem.

– This is a serious case, which illustrates that individuals in certain environments have had the opportunity or at least believed that they can commit criminal acts in Pakistan without being made responsible for them in Norway. It is therefore important for us to investigate these cases in Norway to show that this is not the case, says police attorney Sturla Henriksbø, who is responsible for the prosecution.

In Norway for more than 40 years

The detainee is originally from Pakistan, but has lived in Norway for more than 40 years. He is not previously convicted, Solem states. The woman was the man’s second wife, after he traveled to Pakistan in 2006 to get married. She became 40 years old.

– The investigation has been carried out without the accused being aware, says police adviser Henriksbø.

According to TV 2, the Oslo police have investigated the case for a year, but the police do not want to comment on the time spent in depth.

Attempted to kill relatives

The attempted murders where directed at relatives that the accused had unfinished business with according to the police.

the alleged killer has to a Pakistani TV channel claimed he was promised 100,000 Pakistani rupees – about NOK 6,600 – for the murder, but he claims he only received 11,000 rupees, reports Norwegian TV 2. The police does not wish to comment on this information. .

The indicted Norwegian Pakistani husband has allegedly made several attempts at bribery of Pakistani police officers.

The man in his sixties is being brought before the court for detention on Thursday afternoon. He denies being guilty.

Triple murder case in Pakistan

A married couple and the husband’s brother are convicted in the so-called triple murder case in Pakistan, where three persons were assassinated in May 2013. The prosecution believes the Norwegian-Pakistani couple ordered the murders after the daughter had married without their consent.

The verdict – which was enforced after the Norwegian Supreme Court rejected the appeal last spring – is according to state prosecutor Guro Hansson Bull, groundbreaking because it was the first time Norwegians were convicted of murders of foreign citizens committed abroad.

The married couple was sentenced to 21 years, while the man’s brother was sentenced to 17 years in prison.


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